Chatter That Matters: July 18, 2012

caines | 7/19/2012, 5:30 a.m.

During the interim of the National Alliance of Black School Education, it was voted upon to change the name to Miami-Alliance of Black School Education, as well as being re-visited and becoming established to carry on from its beginning. Representatives have been meeting monthly since January 2012 planning for the district-wide inaugural membership event. Dr. Johnny Jones, founder, Dr. Tee S. Greer, Jr., Hyacynth Johnson, William Bill Turner and Dr. Richard J. Strachan provided classes for those teachers who needed extra help in passing the mandated National Teachers Examination. They were considered the pioneers of the organization. Congratulations go out to Dr. Beverly Carter Remy, president, and Dr. Valmarie Rhoden, secretary. Furthermore, the planning committee is made up of leaders from the United Teachers of Dade, teachers current and retired administrators, and Union Institute, a local growing institution. The purpose of the organization is to promote and facilitate the education of all students, but Black students in particular. Miami-Dade ABSE looks forward to providing educational support and mentoring to the faculties, support staffs and students of Miami-Dade Public School, as well as local college/university students. The inaugural membership event will he held at Miami Lakes Educational Center on Thursday, September 20th at 5 p.m. For more information, email miamiabse@gmail.com. For the record, Miami ABSE had a membership of 350 people under Dr. Jones. To keep the organization alive, Jeannie Reaves changed the name to Retired Teachers of Dade and sent out 10-volunteer teachers to teach the basic skills in kindergarden and elementary schools until she passed. Jumbos Restaurant became the place where Blacks were so in tune with their chicken and shrimps. They, invariably, went to the kitchen window to place their orders. The demand A.D. Moore, founder of CORE, convinced owner Bobby Fram to allow Blacks in Jumbos at nights for inside service. Fram did not want to lose his white clientel and was willing to resolve the problem. In a few months, whites began to leave while Blacks began to fill up the seats during the day. Rev. Wilton Harris, St. Barnabas Church, and Deacon Aljo Hamlin, Greater Peace UMC, became fixtures meeting every day for breakfast, lunch, and supper while discussing the scriptures until late evening. Unfortunately, their hooking up ended on June 30 when Antonio Lawrence was charged with DUI manslaughter for crashing into their bodies in the restaurant. Harris and Hamlin had just returned from a funeral of a Jumbos customer. Harris was buried on Saturday, June 7th, and Hamlin was buried, Saturday, June 14th. A memorial was held for Hamlin, Sunday, June 8th, at Jumbos featuring Lonnie Young and members of the Heavenly Express. They and other participants comforted Patricia Williams, wife, and sister, Anitra Gray in Brunswick, Ga. with songs Hamlin really enjoyed. The memorial lasted for two hours as people payed tribute to the young men, especially Arnold Andrews who went fishing with Hamli . Congratulations go out to the gang that is providing the community with Youth Power Movement which included entertainment, art, food, and much people at the indoor venue. The manipulator behind the scene was Marcia Jones who brought in The Psi Phi Band. As the music stimulated their mood, Chef Maurice set up the portable tent and began preparing the delicacies of chicken salad and rice mix. Rich Milhomme, emcee, introduced headliner Shenita Hunt who wooed the crowd with intriguing songs, followed by Steve Monthete rapping, Ronald Gordon displaying his skill with Barbara Calixte and Marmie Coote assisting as Robenson Belalus and Hans Klemm displayed the expensive art work and five exquisite automobiles. Now, Youth Movement is preparing for its second activity to raise monies for needy students in Dade County School System. Stay tuned for more info. Those looking for Richard J. Strachans book Memories will find it at Walgreens on 95th Street and 7th Ave. at the cashiers counter. However, the book signing is on Fridays and Saturdays from 3 p.m. until.