Nine-year-old gospel singers voice reaches thousands

caines | 7/19/2012, 5:30 a.m.

He is the face and voice of a new ministry. He has performed in front of thousands of people in some of the most well-known mega-churches in the country. And his first album garnered the attention of over 600 fans on the day of its debut. But Jaden Bramelus is not a typical nine-year-old child. He began singing when he was three and wrote his first song at the age of five. His music, he says, has a simple meaning. Music is just my happy place, Bramelus said. His love for music and gospel is clearly seen when he closes his eyes and begins to sing. You can just tell that he is happy, Bramelus mother, Lorna, said. It shows every time. Harnessing the power of social networks, Bramelus has wielded Facebook and YouTube to reach out to the masses with his powerful voice. In addition to his online following, residents in Miami-Dade and Broward County have become well-acquainted with his voice. He recently opened for the premier of a locally-produced play, Hoztage. When I first heard him sing, I just cried, Lorna, said. Everyone who has heard him sing has cried.

Using his gift to inspire others

Once Lorna discovered her sons gift, she began to travel to different churches, concerts and local events so that others could hear his voice. At one time they performed together but he eventually told his mother he was ready to step out on his own as a soloist. He just told me, mom I got this, Lorna said. And while she is no longer on stage with him, she continues to write songs that he performs. Bramelus album, Lakay Bondieu Gin Espwa which translates to There is Hope in Gods House, is the collective work of English and Haitian-Creole songs written by Bramelus and his mother. His development as an artist has been a family affair. His three siblings, Max 18, Robbie 10 and Kayla 6, are very supportive and help him practice for every performance. More than anything, the family stands in awe of Bramelus gift of song. When his father heard him, he couldnt say anything, Lorna said. He was speechless. I think thats a good thing. For more info on Jaden go to www.facebook.com/Jadenministry or www.youtube.com/JadenMinistry. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com