Street Talk: July 18 2012

caines | 7/19/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Is ending the epidemic of HIV/AIDS really Blacks power?

James Marshall, 70Miami, retired transit worker Yes, its in our power if we would stop having sex. Thats the best way. No sex is the only true safe sex. And thats Biblically speaking too. If you put it another way, if there was no fornication then there wouldnt be any need for any medication. Is ending the epidemic of HIV/AIDS really Blacks power? Leon Butler, 71Miami, retired musician Yes, it is in our power. The virus is being spread because people are not using protection and they are not going to the doctor. Im 71-years-old and I know Im in good shape. You have to to get good health insurance and get checked out. Willie Newkirk, 70Miami, motivational speaker Yes. Magic Johnson was just on TV talking about how we have to become afraid of the virus again and I agree. People have lightened up too much just because Magic is living with AIDS and looking good. Now people have started to think that the illness can be ignored. But HIV cant be ignored. Akila Baki, 30Miami, unemployed No, because it was not designed to be within our power. In a way its like cancer and the cancer treatment industry. A lot of times cancer kills you slowly. But before it does, it requires a lot of money over a lot of years to treat it. So whoever created AIDS designed it to make a lot of money off of it. Danny Farrington, 57Miami, custodian Yes, if you practice safe sex that will cut down on the number of HIV cases. But right now thats not going to happen because people dont even know when they have the virus. Darek Dudley, 60Miami, floor technician Yes, by having safe sex. But people arent practicing safe sex because of their ignorance.