Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?

caines | 7/19/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Play examines sin of pride in wake of financial turmoil

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?, the second of three plays that features the trials and tribulations of the Sanders family, returns to Liberty Citys Caleb Auditorium [5400 NW 22nd Avenue] on Saturday, July 21st at 7:30 p.m. Its an encore performance that will be taped for later DVD distribution and continues to respond to an ever-growing fan base for No Jive Productions, Inc. and its founder, president and CEO, Nial Martin. He says this show is particularly timely as it focuses on one Black familys efforts to survive an economic storm and how forces beyond our control often threaten to tear us apart. Pride can sometimes be our ruin especially in todays economy where husbands are losing their jobs and women are becoming the sole breadwinner, Martin said. Love hurts because we dont have the power to control the situation or someones feelings towards us. I cant make you love me the way I want or touch me the way I want. Back in the day, couples were encouraged to stay together and work it out. Today, we just give up weve developed into a world of instant gratification and so when something doesnt work, we throw it away. Hopefully, the play will help people realize the importance of learning how to love and give love from the heart.

Local actors shine in Love reprise

Pembroke Pines resident Latoya Roberts, 23, [Cheryl Sanders] has been performing since she was two-years-old. This is her second show with No Jive. And she has her views about love. Love has different meanings for people and we dont always end up with someone whose meaning coincides with our own, she said. That puts us at risk of being hurt. Sometimes that pain can break our passion and our spirit. This play speaks the truth: the best way to heal is to forgive. Alicia Simpson, a 40-something Miami native has played the role of Momma Sanders [the family matriarch] since 2006 and she says she likes the fit. We sometimes feel that our life is incomplete without someone to complete us, she said. I believe that the only way for us not to hurt so bad is to love ourselves whether were with someone or not. DuVonne T. Moore, a versatile actor that began her stage pursuits as part of the Coconut Grove Childrens Theater, has gained a following of sorts in her role as the zany, bad girl Wynnika Jones. Acting has become her sole passion. Love hurts so bad because we place the care of our hearts and trust in others with the hope that those things wont be abused or taken for granted, she said. But being imperfect creations, sometimes things get broken in our care. The alternative would be not to love or trust and for some that works. But honestly, life wouldnt be as sweet without a touch of the sour. Other actors in the show include: John A. Rolle, Jr., Andrieve Dacosta, Malcolm D. Harvard and Ken [aka Mr. Pooh]. For info go to www.nojiveproductions.org. or ticketmaster.com. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com