Carrolls witty remark belittles sisters regardless of orientation

caines | 7/26/2012, 5:30 a.m.

We havent seen or heard much from Floridas first Black, female, Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll at least not since she was hand picked by Rick Scott in the heat of a very close election against Alex Sink a few years ago. After he successfully purchased the Governors mansion, Carroll was allowed to make the rounds so that citizens could meet her. We were led to believe that she would be given an opportunity to make a difference in our lives. We thought that she would be a spokesperson for Blacks and women in Florida. We were wrong. Scott quickly muzzled a talented, efficient administrator only allowing her to make public comments on rare occasions. But then, given her recent statement in which she denied having a sexual liaison with her female staff aide, saying Women that look like me dont engage in relationships like that, maybe Scott knew what he was doing after all It is not our intention to pass judgment on Carroll or to determine whether she is guilty or innocent of adultery. She has said she is innocent. We must believe her until she is proven otherwise. The stain of the accusation may remain far longer however. Add to that the insensitivity of her comment lodged against women who love other women and one cannot help but be disappointed. Of course there are some who are just plain angry and want to chop off her head. But thats perhaps a bit too extreme. One would think that being a public servant, a former leader in the armed services and a well-traveled woman of means, that Carroll would have better sense. Or at least more of a heart than to lump all lesbians or anyone else into one category. What does a lesbian look like? What does a gay person look like? What does a poor man or a poor woman look like? What does a person with AIDS or cancer look like? Really Jennifer? Are you just another person that checks off identity boxes without realizing that the box represents a living, loving person? If so, once again we have the wrong person in office.