Do you believe Zimmermans statement that Trayvons death was Gods plan?

caines | 7/26/2012, 5:30 a.m.

James Oliver, 58Miami, delivery worker No, I cant say it was Gods plan because he was shot. Now, I could believe him if [Trayvons death] was a natural death like from an illness or something like that, but he was shot. And God doesnt want you to shoot anybody. James E. Cunningham, 82Miami, retired farmworker No because God isnt a thief or a gangster and God doesnt tell you to shoot anybody. I think [Zimmerman] shot Trayvon because he was Black. James Marshall, 72Miami, retired bus driver No, I definitely dont believe him. God is a God of love not hate. Emma Lake, 73Miami, retired domestic worker I dont believe that. I think Trayvons death was a part of [Zimmermans] plan. Really, its just an excuse for what he did. He knew he was wrong and now hes coming up with reasons for what he did. Cathy Tyse, 54Miami, entrepreneur No. Is he God? How else can you make that statement about Gods plans then? Bettye Stokeling, 71Miami, retired insurance worker No, I dont believe that. I think Trayvon Martin was an innocent person and George Zimmerman was a trigger happy man ready to kill.