M-D Dems step up efforts to reelect Obama

admin | 6/11/2012, 8 a.m.

Do the everyday people of Miami-Dade County care about the future of their communities, our state and the nation? Apparently they do, based on the turnout Monday night at the monthly Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee [DEC] Meeting at the American Legion Post #29 on NE 7th Avenue. Meetings usually draw about a dozen or so dedicated party members, including DEC Chair Richard Lydecker and M-D Democratic Party Executive Director Cedric McMinn. But at this weeks session, there was no room in the inn as voters, precinct captains, delegates and a laundry list of candidates packed the hall. Floridas Republican-controlled legislation, which includes the governor, has had one goal for the past few years to reduce the number of Democratic votes by increasing the hurdles for voters, Lydecker said. Thats what voter suppression is all about and it includes targeted segments of the community: women, minorities, the disabled and college students. If they can reduce the likelihood that people will even attempt to vote, they can remain in control. It started with reducing the length of days for early voting. Black voters, particularly senior citizens, have been impacted the most by the discontinuing of Sunday voting souls to the polls efforts that once brought a huge number of voters out the Sunday right before Election Day. Theyve encouraged students away at college and women who have married and changed their names to simply use provisional ballots. What they dont tell you is those ballots arent counted. Its all about wanting to win so desperately that they will do anything. Obama is the focus but dont forget local races Miami attorney Rod Vereen was one of several guest speakers at the meeting. He faces an uphill battle in his efforts to become Floridas first Black state attorney. However, his comments were not so much about the local race as much as it was about the November general election. So many people came out today because Democrats just met in Tampa last weekend and voters wanted updates on how the Party is going to proceed between now and November, he said. We are raising awareness about the Republican mission to suppress the vote but were also showing folks how to battle it. The Obama reelection workers, the Young Democrats, community associations are all getting on the same page its about making sure we keep Barack Obama in the White House. Candidates from across Miami-Dade County were invited to the podium for brief words of greetings and the typical campaign promises. And while there are several newcomers who have yet to adjust to the rigors of campaigning, one candidate in particular, attorney Kionne L. McGhee, brought the packed audience to its feet. McGhee barely lost in 2010 and is once again a candidate for District 118. State Representative Dwight Bullard has vacated the seat, choosing instead to run for State Senate. McGhee says this is one of the most important moments in Miamis and the countrys history. I was close before but this time I plan to make it to Tallahassee, he said. And when I get there Ill be one of the voices that tell the Republicans we have had enough were taking back our rights. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com