People, June 6 - 12, 2012

admin | 6/11/2012, 8:06 a.m.

Little Miss Zamiah Wadley has been nominated as Student of the Month at Santa Clara Elementary. Zamiah was recognized at her school assembly on April 26th. Congratulations! Saint Agnes Episcopal Church Chapter of The Daughters of the King visited the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Some people who made the four day trip were Father Richard and Mrs. Virla Barry, Jestina Brown, Ellen Bethel, Fred Brown, Betty Davis, DorothyDavis, Beatrice Davis, Joyce Hepburn, Sylvia Sands,Raynal Sands, Janelle Hall,Gwen Bouie-Thomas, Paula Archer, Audrey Strachan, Stephen Carroll, Stephen and Lucy C. Newbold, Juanita Kelly, the Harold S. Clarkes, Robin Moncur, ElestineMcKinney Allen, Catherine Newbold, Barbara Patterson, Cynthia T. Brown, CherylTroutman, Allen Nicholson, Rochelle Allen, Sharon Johnson, Anna Pratt, Shirley Cravett and grand-daughter, Terry Kelly, Kendra Clarke, Gail Jackson, Janet Brown, Mother Mary Bivins, John Goodman and Teddy Abraham. (our coordinates were Betty Blue, Florence Moncur, Margaret Moncur, Malvern Mathis, Louise Cromartie, and Ardie Bell Edwards). Hearty Congratulations goes out to Pamela Layton who lives in Tampa, Fl. and received her Masters Degree from Webster University in Saint Petersburg and Metropolitan Campus. Pamela is the daughter of Tangela and Charles Floyd. Pamelas grand-parents are Thomas and Agnator Nottage. Her aunt Pamela Pitts also attended her name sakes graduation. They all enjoyed a glorious time. You are cordially invited to enjoy brunch and a show case of summer fashions at St. Scholasticas Annual Fashion Show. It will be held on Saturday, June 9 at 11:00 a.m. in Blackett Hall at St. Agnes. Wedding Anniversary Greetings go out to the following love birds of the week. Rev. and Mrs. Woodrow (Da Nita J.) Jenkins, Jr. May 20; their 6th, Thomas O, (Dyshon R.) White, May 23rd, their 20th; Alfred (Shree B.Wheeler) May 23rd, their 20th; Phillip R. (Netta) Wallace, May 24, their 38th; Enos W.C. (Sandra M.) Darling II, May 24th, their 9th; Leon N. (Tumai K.) Mainor May 25th,their 10th; Alonzo (Joan P.) Ballard, May 25th, their 9th. Get well wishes and our prayers go out to all of you: Princess Lamb, Thomas Nottage, Marvin Ellis, Wilhelmina Stirrup-Welch, Frankie Rolle, Peggy Gabriel-Greene, Inez McKinney-Johnson, Shane Hepburn, Elouise Bain-Farrington, Louise H. Cleare, Jacqueline F. Livingston, Edith Jenkins-Coverson, Grace Heastie-Patterson, Roxcie James. You and your family are cordially invited to join Saint Agnes in our Parish Hall on Friday, August 10th. Join us as we get down in Blackett Hall. See one of these ladies for your ticket: Angelita Browne, Flora Brown, Dr. Gay Outler, Sylvia Rolle, Sharon Anderson, Donna Turner, Robin Moncur, Elestine Allen, and Fredricka Fisher. Oops. I forgot one of our graduates names in listing our high school graduates last week. Laura Marie Eve- Smith, daughter of Michael D. and Davrye Gibson- Smith, Sr. and grand-daughter of Vennda Rei Harris- Gibson. by Anna Grace Sweeting