Which way will your pressure meter blow?

admin | 6/11/2012, 8 a.m.

Water and gas pipes are built to withstand a fixed amount of pressure. When more pressure is applied, eventually it will come apart, oftentimes in a sudden,violent explosion. A mans emotional state can be likened to a pipe. When too much adverse pressure is conveyed through his emotional tubes,at some point or the other, the build-up will lead to an explosion. When an overwhelming increase of anxiety,fear, resentment or anger passes through his emotional system and the pressure does not decrease, the system is bound to crack. But how does one come apart,crack into pieces or explode? How does an emotional breakdown manifest itself? Perhaps it can be seen in ways ranging from continuous crying to becoming completely mute, immobility or pursuing an end with the ardor of a zealot, displaying outlandish behavior or committing senseless acts of violence. Pressure is also a two-edged sword. It can bring about change when a large number of voices are lifted together in persistence to make their voices heard. Indeed, in the form of an intensely organized movement, pressure has a way of grabbing the attention and winning favorable results from those in power. It happened in Mississippi with the Scott sisters. They received life sentences for an eleven dollar robbery and spent nearly 18 years in prison before the governor of that state finally yielded to the pleas of thousands of supporter and commuted their sentences. It happened in Sanford, Florida. Public outrage beat a dead horse back to life in a case involving the suspicious killing of a Black teenager, an incident that otherwise would have been under the rug by the Sanford police department and made a dead issue. Civil pressure demonstrated by massive crowds of angry, malcontent citizens citizens can also send a dictator into exile. A brave community of vigilantes fed-up with gun violence and armed with the pestering power of constant protest can force gang members and drug dealers to skedaddle, With enough pressure rapping on the doors of the legislators, state and federal lawmakers can be influenced to enact new laws and/or amend old ones, resolving to give the people what they want. Under extreme pressure,we are all capable of losing our cool its just that some folks vent and absorb it differently than others. If ever we should blow or have pressure blown up in our faces, if ever there is such a thing as controlled pressure, then let us choose to release it in healthy ways that push us in a positive direction. By Arthur Lee Hall, Jr.