Street Talk: June 13, 2012

caines | 6/14/2012, 6 a.m.

Has society unfairly given Black fathers a negative reputation?

Herman Kelley, 62Miami, unemployed Yes. Im a father of nine children and I raised all of them. Six of them have graduated from college. But theyre still trying to say that Black fathers are lazy and that were not role models for our children. Its just unfair that theyre trying to stigmatize us. Dwight Dorsett, 54Miami, unemployed No, not really because guys out here dont know how to act. Half of them arent fathers - theyre not taking care of their kids. They have these babies with these young girls and theyre still buck wild. When I was coming up, there wasnt this type of violence either. But now theres just so much violence perpetrated by young folks that its ridiculous. They dont care about life at all. James Gate, 49Miami, unemployed Well, I dont think that I ever heard that anything was wrong with Black fathers. Anyway, all the Black fathers that I know are good fathers. Clarissa Furbush, 41Miami, administrative assistant I dont want to say anything bad about a brother, but they havent been doing what theyre suppose to do. So, no, I dont think the majority of Black fathers have been given a bad reputation. I think that most of them have earned the reputation that they have. Mac Rollins, 64Miami, food service worker I think that they have unfairly been given a bad reputation. A lot of Black fathers have been to prison or are in prison, so they cant be there for their kids. And if the fathers arent there, then their sons and daughters will roam the streets and do want they want to do. Horace Horn, 47Liberty City, retired bus driver Yes. I raised my three kids and my youngest child has just one more year of college to complete before graduating. See, I am a Black father, not a daddy. The difference is that daddies dont take care of their children. Fathers do.