The Dirty Fight Game

admin | 6/14/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Just when you thought the sport of boxing could not sink any lower. Just as it appeared that maybe there was still some hope for the sport that once stirred the soul of this country and the world alike, boxing again reminded us all this past Saturday night what a joke it has become. For a few years now fight enthusiasts have been clamoring for Pacquiao-Mayweather, we have been begging for it, the superfight, the mega fight with millions upon millions of dollars to be made and all we ever got was teased by the possibility of what if. Now we have to wonder no more as the mega fight may never happen after Manny Pacquiao lost his title to Timothy Bradley by split decision in what has to rank as an all time worst decision in boxing history. We have seen these kinds of things from the sport of boxing before, so one can not be all that surprised. This however was bad, as blatant a robbery of a decision as you will ever see. Even Floyd Mayweather Sr who was at ringside told ESPN he thought Pac Man was an easy winner, so did the announcers and anyone else on earth who watched the fight except two judges who saw something completely different. Boxing has always been shady since its early days, infiltrated by the mob, dirty judges and referees, fighters on the take, drugs and corruption, yeah we have seen it before. Yet because we cannot let go of the glory days of Ali-Frazier, Leonard-Hearns, Arguello-Pryor, Tyson and anybody we keep looking for the next big one. The next big one was supposed to be Pac Man vs Money Mayweather, but with Floyd about to spend all summer in the big house on domestic issues and Pac Man being robbed in plain sight, that fight in all probability will never happen, so what do we have left? Pac Man-Bradley part two? Really? How convenient for promotor Bob Arum that with Floyd being in jail, Pacquiao just happens to lose in a controversial fight to some guy named Bradley who barely knocks out any of his opponents, indeed this is a complete joke. Suddenly talk of a rematch with Bradley is what Arum is pushing and the boxing starved public is expected to ante up the cash for Pac Man-Bradley 2 with Mayweather's absence from the scene. Yes, how things fall so perfectly into place. After all by the time we ever see Mayweather (35) and Pac Man (33) it may be in some boxing version of the seniors tour. Boxing is dirty, always has been dirty and always will be dirty but we all loved it and in some sick twisted way i think we all still love it. Deep down inside boxing fans yearn for the days of yesteryear, days i am afraid that are long gone and will never come back again. Ah well, there's always those fight classics on TV whenever your flipping the channels, that is as close to the glory days as we will ever get it seems. By The Sports Brothers Jeff Fox and Ed Freeman