Am I the only one choking on Bramans recipe?

caines | 6/21/2012, 6 a.m.

Former Mayor Carlos Alvarez, former County Manager George Burgess and the County Attorneys office shoved a bad deal that is the Marlins Stadium down the throats of the Board of County Commissioners. It put the commission in a precarious situation. Still, it seems to me to that Norman Braman has selective amnesia. In the early 1990s as the Philadelphia Eagles owner, Braman wanted to build a new stadium. The old Veterans Stadium was considered one of the worst venues in the league mainly because of its inferior turf. At a meeting at 93rd Street Baptist Church a few years ago I supported the Marlins Stadium but not for the team itself. After having worked at the American Airlines Arena I found out that the cooks, cashiers, ticket takers and security people all had year-round jobs because football, basketball and baseball seasons all overlap one another. Not one time did Braman or anyone else involved in the Marlins Stadium controversy think about the low men on the totem pole the average worker whose family depends on their checks from Dolphin Stadium or American Airlines Arena. What concerns me about Braman is how his plan to support candidates in the upcoming election may divide and conquer the Black community. He has already divided the Cuban community when Alvarez was recalled last year. When Hope VI was gentrifying our community, Weed and Seed was arresting and harassing Black men in our community, when police were shooting unarmed Black men in our community perhaps we could have used Braman's assistance. But we all know he wasnt going to speak out on Black-on-Black. Where were Braman, Change Miami-Dade Now and Vote For A New Miami-Dade then? For the record I have not come out to support anyone. Every election camp knows that Brothers of the Same Mind knows where the bones are buried. These campaigns are going to get dirty and thats not something that we want to be a part of. Brothers of the Same Mind is the only grassroots organization with integrity that puts our community and the people first. bdennisbotsm@yahoo.com By Brian DennisMiami Times contributor