Black dads still make a difference

caines | 6/21/2012, 6 a.m.

If you believe the hype and mindless rhetoric constantly spread by majority-owned media, then you may think that Black fathers have become an endangered if not obsolete species. But in truth that is not the case. Its just that the stories of those who support their children financially, who travel cross country for graduations, birthdays, weddings and sports competitions, remain mostly untold. Since the days of slavery when our families were torn apart and scattered to the four winds, Black dads looked for ways to keep their kinfolk together. When Blacks were treated like animals instead of human beings, it was Black fathers who armed themselves with education, perseverance and when necessary, shotguns to guarantee the safety and future of their women and children. Hundreds of thousands died trying. When we look to examples of Black dads here in Miami and across the U.S., we know that this same spirit and commitment are still alive. It doesnt matter if those dads are divorced, single and never married or barely adults themselves. Most brothers still marvel when they see a child enter this world that they know they helped create. Fathers may not get the all-too-common shout outs that Mothers receive but they play an important role in kids lives nonetheless. Thats the lesson we hope more young fathers will learn and remember today. Whether your father was active in your life or not, there are other Black men in the world who commit their lives to serving as mentors and father figures for our youth. One need only cite recent Fathers Day celebrations organized by Dwyane Wades dad and his non-profit organization, fun-filled activities at the University of Miami led by the Childrens Trust or the Harrell brothers and BIG TIME BOYS family picnic at Arcola Park to realize that fathers are still on the move. Black mothers may be the hand that rocks the cradle but Black dads simply rock. Belated though it may be, heres a shout out to all fathers from The Miami Times.