Chatter That Matters, June 20, 2012

admin | 6/21/2012, 5:30 a.m.

The second week in June was the busiest for Dr. Enid C. Pinkney with HH Trust meetings and other community events including the dedication of the auditorium at South Miami Middle in her honor. The program included Francisco Williams,Margate Campmany, Cheryl Goodman and Nancy Handlier; selections from Guys & Dolls, directed by Dr. Alan Denning; Hungarian Dance #1 string orchestra directed by David Riker; a scene from The Pajama Game directed by Madelin Marchant; closing out with 6th & 7th graders. Supporting Dr. Pinkney were Katie Williams, Dr. Cynthia Clark, William Bill Clark, Ken Curtis, Michelle Barthell, Zadie Brown, Shana Withers and Dory Mingo. African-American Committee, HHHT, Lemon City Committee took time to honor dependable men at the Tree of Knowledge. Showing up for the entertainment and feast were: Henry Newbold, Daann Foxl, Dr. Errol Harvey, Rev. JesseMartin, Marie Martin , Robert Forbes, Frank Pinkney,Samuel Latimore, Andrew K. Brown, Charles Colebrook, Mack McGraw, John Williams, Roosevelt Randolph, Lorell Wells, Leome S. Culmer, Georgiana Bethel, Elsaida Anders, Dorothy Grahan, Maud P. Newbold, Ernestine Walker, Gloria J. Green, Dianne Rolle, Mary Bannerman, and Ernestine Bain. Dr. Pinkney collaborated with the committee to discuss Bahamian legacies with historians who settled in Key West and Coconut Grove. The national sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Alpha Delta Chapter provided the community with an Awards Luncheon, last Saturday at the Hallandale Buffett. In attendance were: Mary Allen, Deloris Hills,Vernon Kineard, Mary Jackson, and Carolyn Clark. Sponsors: Dr. Richard J. Strachan, Dr. Edith Hall, Mary L. Dunn, Leanne Smith, Mary Severence, Carolyn White, Corliss Sellers, Cora Johnson, Barbara Fitzpatrick, WallaceAristide, William Aristide, Gibson Aristide, Helen Reed, Clini Lily and Solomon Homidas were recognized. Additionally, Dr. Lillian Cooper, COPE North principal, presented the Della Oliver Scholarship to Vernon Kineard, Jr.; National Scholarship to Alana J. Smith, Joston S. Honore and Brandon Miller; book award to Kineard.; special award to Kineard and Alexis Levros presented by Eve Betterson; and a special award to Dr. Richard J. Strachan for providing scholarships over the years to the sorority. South Beach has its hanging out places where VIPs gather for a change of scenery, while Miami has Jackson Soul Food, Bahamian Connection, Conch Town and Michaels Diner, a spot where former coaches hang out on Wednesdays to match wits with persons who know all of the answers. Regular customers that frequent the diner are: Bishop Walter H. Richardson, Dr. Walter T. Richardson, Rev. Alfred K. Richardson, Oliver Gross, Sr., Oliver Gross, Jr. and Janis A. Gross. You will find them in the heat of many arguments, such as David Williams, Richard Smith, William Evans, Jerome Simpkins, William Bill Snell, Johnny Davis, Mack Carter and Daryl Dennis. Their favorite is boiled fish and grits, along with chicken souse, shrimp, fried chicken and Johnnie cake. Steve Gallon stopped in from his out-of-state superintendent position to mingle with his Northwestern Bulls retirees. Congratulations go out to Torian Cox, basileus, for his technological way of reminding Omega Psi Phi Brothers of fraternity meeting. Fellowship time after meeting included watching the championship fight between Pacquiao and Bradley. Also, invited were Lamplighters Dante Francis, Sean Watts, Clifford Miller, Clifton Miller, Dean Merisier, Anthony Boatwright, Dishon Gardner, Keyshon Gardner, DeAundre Gatlin, Cyrus Clark, Dennis Law, Gerald Grant, James Ingram, James Dukes, R.T. Fisher, and Brother James English.Cox relinquished the chair and turned the committee reports over to Dr. Thomas Snowden. Reporting brothers were C. Handfield, H. Dorsett II, A. Britt, K Blair, S. Allen, B. Smith, K. Hudson, D. Love, K. Mahmood, L. Handfield, S. Thompson and the scholarship committee consisting of S. Allen, A. Coakley, A. Salahud-Din, J. WilliamsCourtney. Officer Tim Bleacher was saluted for being promoted to sergeant. Rev. Fred Cromity made an appeal to the brothers to assist in the clothing drive at his church. More than 161people attended the Broward County Business & Professional Womens Network Eighth Annual Luncheon sponsored by Marie Castillo, Juanita Miller and Ann McPhee Moorman at the Davie Signature Grand. President Moorman presented awards to the following: Johnnie M. Perry, Sojourner Truth Award; Donna C. Henry, Education; Shirlyon McWhorter, Professionalism; Shantelle Moxie, Business; Gloria Jackson-Richardson, Religion; Nykeah L. Cohen, Law; and Lauren Monique Smith, scholarship recipient from Monsignor Pace High School. By Dr. Richard Strachan