Street Talk: June 20, 2012

caines | 6/21/2012, 6 a.m.

Do you think the Miami Heat has what it takes to win the championship?Robert Marshall, 41Miami, business owner Of course. Theyve got enough experience for it. And theyve been here numerous times before. Besides, Lebron really wants a ring right now. Its time for them to win a championship. Bernard Bienaime, 30 Miami, grocery store worker Yes. Of course well win because we have the right team, the talent and the Big Three. Nanette Ogburn, 47Miami, manager Yes, I do think theyll win. I think theyre going to win the championship 4 - 2. Theyll win because theyre the underdogs in the play offs and a lot of people are against them winning. So, theyre going to prove to themselves and the world that they can win. Oral Brown, 47Miami, construction worker Of course. How can they lose? Theyve got nearly everything that they need. Now if Dwyane Wades knee stops messing with him, then they will have everything. James Brown, 41Liberty City, fire fighter I think that they have what it takes. However, if they dont play hard, I dont think theyre going to win. Oklahomas team is relentless; they play hard the whole game. So the Heat has to play their best throughout the entire game, especially during the third and fourth quarters. Vanessa Desamours, 18Miami, grocery store worker Yes, we have what it takes. I have so much faith in my team. All we need is a little more hard work and team cooperation. Our team has to put their emotions to the side and just play basketball.