Chatter That Matters, Feb. 29 - March 6

admin | 3/1/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Kudos go out to Louie Bing for his 26thyear of providing the community with The Louie Bing Scholarship Fund, Inc. Annual Awards Banquet and his executive committee consisting of Gladys Smith, chairperson, Viviloria Bing, vice-chairperson, Shelia Brennen, secretary, Clyde Jordan, treasurer, Larry Williams, parliamentarian, Louie Bing Jr., advisor, and Anthony Brunson. More than 200 supporters filled the Florida Memorial University Banquet Facility and found a low-key Bing greeting everyone at a table near the entrance. He has done so much over the years. Carnell White, retired principal, kept the audience in stitches as he emceed the program. He began by recognizing Clifford James as the brainchild for the banquet along with Johnny Postell, Larry Barnett, Arnie Weatherington, the late Lee R. Perry,Katie Williams, and Gladys Smith. Entertainment was provided by Darcies Colemen, students from Michael Krop Sr. High and PAVAC of Northwestern. Brennen introduced Racquel Oden, New York City Managing Director, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, keynote speaker for the evening. Afterwards, Williamswas called upon to recognize each honoree as follows: Alison D. Austinwho after an impressive career marked by international experience in community development, education, ecotourism, community outreach, and marketing, returned home to assume the position of CEO at TACOLCY. Coach Corey Bell graduated from Miami Edison, U of South Carolina, and Nova Southeastern and became coach at Edison, followed by Director of Football Operations under Coach Randy Shannonat UM. Leon E. Dixon was born in Sarasota, Fl. and graduated from BTW. (He was surprised to see his family members from Sarasota: Alex Zander, Lyane Dixon, Lori Beaton, Shannm Benton, Loreda Williams, and Arthur Williams). Hallie R. Elama former English teacher at Miami Northwestern and COPE Center North, began her education at Lincoln high where she graduated as valedictorian and continued at FAMU completing her degree in English. Edward Gooding, II graduated from Northwestern, UM, FIU. His legacy began when he graduated from Northwestern, U of M, and FIU. He taught orchestra and chorus at Coral Park, Mays Middle and South Miami Elem. Eddie Jordan was born in Jefferson County. His legacy began at Mays High and he continued his education at Morris Brown and FIU. Coach Gregory A. Magner was born in Pittsburg. He was hired as coach of football, basketball and baseball at John Carroll U, Ransom Everglades, Archbishop Curley Notre Dame and now is athletic director. Coach Joseph Miragraduated from Key West High and UM and is Dean of Students at West Minister Christian School. He was instrumental in forming the Dade County Football Coaches Association. Dr. Will Howard Millerwas born in Brooks County, Georgia. After high school graduation he attended Paine College, FIU, and Nova University. His greatest thrill was being principal of the adult education program at Miami Northwestern. Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilsonwas born in Miamis Overtown community and moved to Liberty City with her parents. As a result of her upbringing she was motivated to begin working for the people. Her legacy will be included in the history books because she is such an influential force. Arnold Davisis normally a quiet gentleman among his peers. His legacy began at Dorsey High and he later worked at Carol City Sr. High, Norland Middle, and North Miami Sr. He also won the state softball championship and announced games at Traz Powell Stadium. Teresa Martin-Major, president of the Egelloc Civic Club, along with club members and Men Of Tomorrow and their parents visited Ebenezer UMC last Sunday for A token of love was presented to Rev. Dr. Joretha Capers, pastor. Some of the young men included Michael Williams, Bakari J. Wilder, James McKenney, Antonio Harlen, Jabril S. Ivory, Leroy E. Parker, Koran Robinson, Maxwell Sampson, Melvin Tooks, II, Paris C. Webb, II, Wesley Levoros, Claudel Cooper, and Alfred Allan. Egelloc members in attendance were Veronica Rahming, W. Doris Neal, Bernice Carey, Mary T. McCloud, Nadine Baxter Atkins, Cora S. Johnson, Janson Scavella, and Mary L. Dunn. Please continue to read and keep up with news in the community by reading Chatter weekly in The Mami Times and Ill see you next week! By Richard Strachan