Wilson refutes colleagues remarks

admin | 3/1/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Says Districts needs dont fit Democratic mantra

In a Miami Herald article published on Feb. 19th, U.S. Representative Steve Israel (D-New York, District 2) said that [the Democratic Party] look forward to re-electing Rep. Wilson, so she can continue to fight for the middle class families of this district. But Wilson says that while she appreciates the support of her colleague and the Party in her bid against challenger Rudy Moise, that Israels assessment of her fight is way off base. Everyone who lives in the State of Florida knows my fight is for every person living here who looks like me, she said. That may not be politically correct, but that is who I am. We are not a rich district recent data shows that District 17 is suffering more than any other in the country. We have had meetings to address this problem so its no secret. Wilson says she believes Israel spoke from the national platform of the Democratic Party. The Democrats want to close the gap because they say the middle class no longer exists, she said. But thats their mantra, not mine. Israel was asked to clarify his comment but chose to stick to his public statement as quoted. Wilson more concerned about dirty politics Wilson says her concern rests not with comments made on the national level but rather on reports that have recently come to her district offices here in South Florida. Specifically, she says she is troubled by calls that indicate that canvassers for her opponent, Moise, have told voters that she is not running for re-election in the November election. I am definitely seeking to continue to represent this district and have told those who have called my office to contact the press I trust they will, she said. When asked if the claims were true, Moise said, I have the greatest respect for Congresswoman Wilson and have even given my financial support to her in the past. I certainly would not condone any actions made by those who are in support of my candidacy that would make false statements about the Congresswoman or her intentions to seek re-election. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com