Chatter That Matters, March 7 - 13

admin | 3/8/2012, 4 a.m.

Kudos go outto Wayne Davis, president,Miami-Dade alumni; Sumner Hutchinson III, vice-president,John Williams, past national president and officers and members for their unique planningof the extravaganza gala on Friday, May 4th, at the newly-renovated Rusty Pelican Ballroom.Davis, along with Audley Coakley, Hutchinson, William Bill Clarke and Richard J. Strachan were among the first to offer sponsorships. John brought scholarships to the table and indicated four will be presentedthis year to assist in buying books for the freshmen entering Bethune-Cookman University. Davis was commended with a letter from the South Miami Dr. Martin L. King, Jr, Annual Parade. The Marching Wild Cats led the parade to cheers from alums including Pat Garret, Barbara Johnson, Cleveland Roberts, John Shaw and Dr. Larry Handfield who was honored for his service to the alumni.Others in attendance were Mae Brooks, Jesselyn Brown, Atty. Robin Cox Lovett, Earl Daniels, Charlie, Dorothy, Evelyn and Wayne Davis, Shelia Geathers, Gloria Green, Israel Milton, Sandra Powell, Dr. Gwen Robinson, Argatonia Weatherington, Carol Weatherington, Wanda Wright, and Gladez Williams McCoy.History was replete last Friday when alumni of Carver High School spearheaded a reunion and invited all graduates to attend. Some of the historians included Walter Frieson (49), emcee, who brought on Dr. C. Johnson, Little Carver and Principal L. Gonzalez a.k.a. Big Carver, along withRichard Smith, Edward Leonard, Isabelle St. Jean and Tatiana Taylor who assisted in the presentationof special certificates and Shirley Richardson (64) who reminisced on the old Carver mixed in with the new Carver Middle.Theodore Johnson, president, Class of 64, saluted the audience.Evelyn Brady (58) recited a poem to the delight of the 300 alumni and students, followed by Dorothy P. Lee memorializing those alumni not there with William Lee and audience singing To God Be The Glory. Sean Stack, president of the Student Council and Dr. Flora McKenzie (65) also attended. Their task was to induct Dr. Mona B. Jackson into the Hall Of Fame. Elston Davis was certificated as an outstanding teacher along with Richard Smith. Dr. Jackson joined other Hall Of Famers, such as Dr. Dazelle Simpson, (41), Winston Scott, (08) astronaut, Oswald Walker, Jr. and Thelma A. Gibson, (44), while everyone closed out by singing the schools alma mater. Rev. Glory Pacely , president, Senior Citizens of Arcola Lakes Park, is commended for providing the community with a Valentines Day Luncheon with food catered by Joe and Shelia Mack.Lonnie McCartney belted out a stirring rendition of I Love You Truly and Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Then the party really began with the DJ playing the Electric Slide and the dance floor filling up moves never seen before.Among those who strutted their stuff on the dance floor were Jean A. Perry, Johnnie M. Stevens, Corene Blackman, Anton Bell, Ruby Allen, Brenda Hadley, Mae Brown, Daisy Emmers, Mamie Horne, Mae Lowery, Ronda Lamb, Chelly Ross, Esmie Taylor, Geraldine Bennett, Dorothy Holmes, Oden Fields, Barbara Haynes, Mamie Williams, June Miller, Bobbi Cox, and Tim Strachan.Also present at the luncheon were Letitia Bowden, Teddy Abraham, Leotha Harrell, Lorraine Reynolds, Elizabeth James, Henry Small, Della M. Jackson, Carol King, Syble Johnson, Constance Pinkney, C. Wilfork, Tillie Stibbins, Nettie Murphy, Virginia Smiley, Inez Bojiea, L. Rozier, Henry Williams, Alee C. Wlice, Dorothy Joseph, Samuel Chase Williams, and Mary Simmons. Speaking of June Miller, kudos go out to her ingenious gesture of presenting her 10th Annual Black History/Fashion Show last Sunday at Salem Baptist Church. The program began with the praise team of Ruby Allen and Tillie Stibbins stirring up the early arrivals, followed by Rev. Lorry Mozell giving the invocation; Lila Gaston of Bible Baptist Church introduced the mistress of ceremonies, Bobbie Barnwell, who came in at high speed and engrossed the full house with her philosophical experience and rhetoric. She brought on Ke Mauria Dupont who did the welcome; Im Black performed by Asyia Green; and six models with a look-a-like Don Cornelius;the dance ministry was represented well byAmiraclee Lewis and Isabella Rivers; Lila Gaston did the offering. This was followed by Deiondre Smith emulating Langston Hughes and Larieka Mozell in natural with six more models thrilling the audience and dancing by Aquira Johnson followed by Tre Vonner who performed There is a Whistle up in Heaven.The program closed out with the same energy used at the beginning by a skit written by Miller on Black history.