Local pastor gives lesson on how to discern Gods blessings

admin | 3/29/2012, 5:33 a.m.

For Rev. Phyllis Mack, the 55-year-old senior pastor of Anointed and Appointed by God Ministries, it is not uncommon for her to visit the homeless or spend a good deal of the night on the telephone counseling a troubled Christian.These supportive gestures are natural for Mack. I believe in strengthening the body of Christ pushing people into their purpose whatever their calling is and helping strengthen and train them, she explained. Yet Mack admits that there is a major perk to being a minister. "I especially am pleased when I see souls who were set free from the enemy and recognizing their potential and knowing that they are somebody important in God," she said. What troubles her? "When I see someone who has been set free and then they go back into the world and they allow the enemy to devour their life and are made to feel like they have no purpose, she said. Mack works hard to reach and counsel everyone who seeks help, but she realizes that her reach is limited. In the end, everyone has to make up their own mind, she said. Born and raised in the Pentecostal church, Mack has had several different ministerial role models including Elder Norman McCray, Joyce Meyers and Apostle Benjamin Boykin. Each possesses different traits that she admires such as transparency, humility and wisdom. As for Mack herself she believes that it is her straight-forwardness and down-to-Earth ways that allow her to share and connect with others about the Gospel. What I normally do when Im bringing the word is do so in such a way that they can understand it by using my life testimonies, she said. From an abrupt ending to her 17-year marriage, to life-changing illness to sudden and unexpected deaths of loved ones, Mack tells worshippers that she has suffered as they have suffered. However, she credits her survival to her constant faith in God. By me trusting and believing in his word, thats what pulled me through and thats what is still pulling me through, the minister explained. Although the native Miamian believes in the importance of determination and perseverance, she has also had to learn to distinguish when something is meant for her from God and when it is not. When something is so stressful or when something is so heavy that you dont have peace, then its not a blessing from God, she explained. Through my walk with Him and by listening to His voice, He has let me know if and when I need to press harder or be still. By Kaila Heardkheard@miamitmesonline.com