Justice appears doubtful for Trayvon Martin

caines | 5/3/2012, 7 a.m.

As you know George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder, granted bail, posted $150,000 bond, then left to an undisclosed location. Gov. Rick Scott announced a task force and appointed Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carol with the task of reviewing Floridas citizen safety laws including the Stand Your Ground Law. In response to the governors task force, Sen. Chris Smith launched a Stand Your Ground task force of his own right back at you Governor Scott. A group of State legislators subsequently called a press conference in Miami on the selection process of the task force members they are still waiting for an answer from the Governors office. But the truth of the matter is that there will probably be no official hearing of any substance from either task force. Scott is not calling for a special hearing, special session or anything else for that matter. So, that takes us to next year when the Republican-controlled legislature is back in session I doubt that the NRA will allow any House or Senate committee to entertain amendments or repeals to the Stand Your Ground Law. By the way, lets not forget that the Real George Zimmerman Legal Fund was raising a ton of money up until recently and from mostly conservative donors. As of the today, an estimated $200,000 has been raised to help pay Zimmermanss legal fees. Ironically, during the bond hearing Zimmermans attorney lied to the judge and said that Zimmerman did not have any money to pay a bond. But in fact, some of the funds were used by Zimmerman to fund a portion of his bail. A request by the Martin familys attorney Ben Crump, called for Zimmermans bail to be revoked, however it was denied by the judge presiding over the case. And to add injury to insult, the Sanford City Manager negotiated Police Chief Lees resignation only to be upstaged by the Sanford City Commission who rejected the Chiefs resignation. What is my point? Based on the series of events surrounding this case, I believe we are fooling ourselves if we think that Trayvon will get any real justice. The struggle continues . . . Henry Crespo, Sr., is vice chairman of outreach for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.By Henry Crespo Sr.Miami Times Contributor, hcresposr@gmail.com