Blacks must keep pressure on Scotts so-called task force

admin | 5/10/2012, 5:40 a.m.

State Representative Dwight Bullard and a few of his colleagues made a valiant effort to challenge the selections of Governor Rick Scott for his Stand Your Ground Task Force. But as we all know, the words of our Black representatives were once again dismissed. Thats right Scott did not listen or perhaps and even worse, Scott did not seem to care. Okay, ation on the task force committee as they look at our States self-defense-related laws. They were only asking that South Florida be equally represented with a few appointees on the task force. Meanwhile, the task force moved forward with what Scott referred to as house keeping items. Bullard said during his press conference that as long as the task force had not met, the governor could make changes to its makeup. Maybe thats the reason that the committees initial meeting was moved up by a few weeks. There is still the hope that the few Blacks on the task force will do the right thing despite their having been in favor of the legislation when it first went to the floor. But this is not an issue of Black or white, is it? This is a matter of justice or injustice. And once again, Blacks are left with the bitter taste of injustice stuck in our mouths. Some may expect great things from the Stand Your Ground task force. We do not.