Girl Power founds all-female youth choir

admin | 5/10/2012, 5:30 a.m.

The local mentoring organization, Girl Power, has long advocated that the girls in the community have a plethora of unused talents from business, to the sciences and the arts. Recently, the community based non-profit organization decided to help girls delve further into their performing arts talents by forming the Girls Choir of Miami (GCOM). On Saturday, May 5th, the second of two auditions were held to find the 11 to 17 year olds who will become members of the burgeoning choir at the Girl Powers office in Liberty City. We decided to launch this choir because girls love to sing and theres a lot of musical talent in this community which needs to be developed, said Thema Campbell, the CEO and founder of Girl Power. [Girls] need a venue and an outlet where they can develop this talent. The organization recently received a $4,000 grant from the Womens Fund of Miami to form the choir. The concept for GCOM was one that Campbell was inspired to do years ago. The reason that I wanted to [create GCOM] because theres so much power in music its universal, its something that brings people together and its healing. For the girls who are being considered for GCOM, there are certain criteria that they must all meet to be admitted to the choir, according to Girl Seay, the programs music director. Im just looking for girls who love to sing and who believe that they have been called to sing, Seay admitted. And some girls who have a little ear for the music to at least be able to tell their tone, so I can have something to work with. Once final cuts are made, the members of GCOM will be provided vocal lessons, choreography lessons, music theory lessons as well as seminars hosted by professional musicians and singers. The program also aims to expose the youth to a wide variety of musical styles. It wont be just a certain type of sound because well be singing a cross- cultural mix of songs including some music that well sing in Spanish and Creole, Seay explained. But, were going to do mostly uplifting music including some original music written by the girls. However, the choir will provide more than just music lessons.Seay said,[The music program] will not only build leaders but it will also make them come together as women to do team work and cheer each other on.