Battle rages for the future of young, Black males

caines | 5/17/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Almost 30 years ago, two noted psychologists, Jawanza Kunjufu and Haki Madhubuti, were sounding the warning bell fearful of the future that awaited Black boys. They were convinced that there was a conspiracy afloat to destroy Black boys and therefore to eliminate the Black race. But with so many gains made during the civil rights era and then as great strides were achieved by Blacks in part because of affirmative action, their words fell on mostly deaf ears. Now, with more Black males in prison and being suspended from school than any other race, the writing is on the walls. Men like Kunjufu and Madhubuti were not crying wolf they were speaking as prophets. Today there is no secret conspiracy theres an all-out fight to eliminate so-called troubled Black boys from American society. Its done by locking up their bodies, locking up their minds and locking them out from their hopes and dreams. A new task force will study the troubling trend that shows Black males nationwide now being suspended from school three times that of white males Black girls rate is four times that of white girls. But do we really need a task force to tell us whats going on? Education in the 21st century is the great equalizer. And as long as those in power and with privilege continue to thwart the small steps forward made by Black boys and girls, they will always be on the bottom rung. Sure, a few will somehow beat the odds and rise to the top. But for the masses, life will be little more than a new age form of slavery. We can change the future and the fate of our Black children but only if we act swiftly and on one accord. And thats no conspiracy.