Chatter That Matters, May 16 - 22, 2012

admin | 5/17/2012, 5:45 a.m.

A golden salute to Roberta Thompson Daniels, president, Booker T. Washington, Inc. Alumni Association, executive board and members of the orange and black scholarship committee for 2012. Members include: Rose D. Moorman (Community Service); Dr. Dorothy Fields (Cultural); Marcia J. Saunders (Public Service); Dr. George K. Sands (Health Care); Dr. Whittington B. Johnson (Education); Willie Warren (Entrepreneurial); Henry Weatherspoon (Law Enforcement); Charlie M. Culpepper (Philanthropy) and General White ( Sports). Scholarship recipients include: David Green (GPA5.68), son of Marcia Thomas received $2,000, University of Florida; Jahkaia Brooks (GPA 3.91), received $1,500, daughter of ToniBrooks, University of West Florida; Charlie Harris, son of Timothy and Chonita Harris received $1,500, FIU; Wilhelmina F. Jennings (GPA 4.9), daughter of Marie S. Byron, U of F; Tysheera Lemon (GPA 4.6), daughter of Ternice Sykes, U of West FL; Larry Mathis (GPA 3.9), son of Tawanda Briggs, FIU; Tanisha Bennett (GPA 4.18), daughter of Chaquita Bennett, U of FL ; Amirrashid Ali (GPA 3.00), son of Rashida Ali, South Carolina State; Kevon Caffey, son of Patricia Caffey, Youngstown State U; Kenia Potosme (GPA 5.33), daughter of Roger and Martha Potosme, U of F; Famous McKinnon(3.93), son of Louie and Angelica McKinnon; Callean Arvelo, (GPA 4.15), son of Ana Pena, U of F. Kudos to chairperson Eunice Davis, co-chair Cora White, M. C. Derrick Baker (WEDR-FM 99.1) and Rodney Baltimore (WHQT-Hot 105 presenter). Present were: Roberta T. Daniels, Willie Warren, MadelineAtwell, Kathryn Hepburn, Laura Jones, Mary Simmons, Franklin Clark, and Dr. Preston Marshall. Thanks to Dr. Edward G. Robinson, music; Vicar Leggett, invocation; Phyllis Myers , welcome; Treva B. Harrell; William Aristide; principal Laura Jones; Freddie Jabo Johnson; Tornado roll call and Ebony DJ Ralph Williams.Wayne A. Davis, president Bethune-Cookman U, Miami-Dade chapter appointed Sumner Hutcheson, lll as vice-chair of the gala. Two hundred and seventy-five people attended the event which took place at the Rusty Pelican, Key Biscayne. Calvin Hughes (WPLG Channel 10 anchor) was M. C. Honorees were: Karen Aronowitz, UTD president; Senator Larcenia Bullard (represented by her son) Dwight; Rev. Carl A. Johnson, Yvette McKinney and Larry Handfield, Esq. chairman of B-CU board of trustees. Psi Phi Band entertained attendees: William and Dr. Cynthia Clark, John and Annette Williams, Gloria Green, Charlie and Dorothy Davis, Earl and Alice Daniels, Anita Harrell, Beverly Johnson, Lamar Johnson, Dr. Malcolm Black, Audley Coakley, Dewey Knight ll, Vera Purcell, Stephenia Willis and Dr. Willie J. Wright and wife. Also present was PatriciaGarette who sang You are the best thing to happen. Pastor Cleveland Roberts gave the invocation and Shirlyon McWhorter-Jones, the occasion. By Dr. Richard J. Strachan