Street Talk: May 16, 2012

caines | 5/17/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Will Obamas support of same-sex marriage cost him Black votes?

Winston Johnson, 46Miami, cleaning technician No, I dont think it really will affect our votes. He did a lot for us. Hes changed a lot - brought home the troops from Iraq, kept the taxes on the rich and put people back to work. Vera Rosado, 80Miami, retired nurses aid No, I dont think so. He doesnt have any business getting in anybodys bedroom anyway. Thats not his job. Ronald Williams, 51Miami, unemployed I think he made a bold statement about same-sex marriage, but I dont think it will affect Black voters too much. I think that old voters will be kind of concerned, but the young voters are kind of for same sex marriage. James Reco Smith, 64Miami, educator Hell still get my vote. Besides, who am I to judge any individual as long as they dont impose on me and rights? Cuthbert Haywood, 49Miami, author No, I dont think so because it was all a political move. Everybody has to pay attention to how Obama uses his words. All he said was that he is not God and he doesnt have the right to judge anyone. In a nutshell, hes still leaving it up to states to decide if theyll recognize [same sex marriages]. Whose going to be mad at the person who gave them more power? Id still vote for him. Anthony Frederick, Sr., 32Miami, tire technician Yes, because people believe that God didnt create Adam for Steve, he created Adam for Eve. Many Christians arent going to overlook that fact to vote for Obama. But Im going to vote for him.