Blacks better wake up and support Obama

caines | 5/24/2012, 6 a.m.

In a perfect world, Blacks in America would be celebrating the Great Jubilee with the election of the first Black president, Barack Obama. We would see fewer Blacks going to prison, more Blacks with good paying jobs and high school and college graduation rates soaring for Black boys and girls. But this is not a perfect world. Racism still haunts this nation. Whats more, after the shock that whites experienced when Obama trounced John McCain, many went on record to say their sole mission was to make sure that Obama didnt get a second term. Others worked behind the scenes but towards the same result. Meanwhile, the Republican Party made sure they got enough people in office to thwart every effort Obama made to improve the lives of everyday U.S. citizens, Blacks included. Blacks just dont see the whole picture. Or maybe we just dont want to see it. Barack Obama may be our homeboy but he is not the president of Black America. He is the President of the United States. That being said, he must consider the needs and demands of the nation not just our race. His recent support of gay marriage, or at least civil unions, is one such example. As a rule, Blacks tend to be conservative-minded so such chatter might tend to rub us the wrong way, if not outright offend us. But there are Black gays in this world some may be in your own family. But should it be a deal breaker that leads us to support Mitt Romney or even worse, cause Blacks to stay home on Election Day? NO! Instead of allowing Obamas personal views to distract us, Blacks should be following the lead of the NAACP and making sure our people are ready to vote. We should be identifying candidates that care about our needs and supporting them in their bids for local seats. If were really considering throwing Obama under the bus, lets make darned sure we know where his opponent stands. Do your homework people. Then get to those polls and put Democrats back in local offices and Obama back in the White House. Romney is nothing more than a four-year ride through misery.