Muslim youth sheds light on misunderstood sect

admin | 5/24/2012, 6 a.m.

Nation of Islam has come a long way since it was founded

As a 16-year old girl who has been a part of the Nation of Islam (NOI) for about eight years, Ive seen what a true family really looks like. My immediate family and I dont live close to the rest of my biological family; they live all the way up north. So, coming to the mosque is comparable to visiting a huge house filled with all of your loved ones. Those are the people you rely on. Theyre the ones that you may get angry at for a couple minutes, then look right back at them with a smile because they love to see it. I believe that the Nation of Islam can provide this for everyone because were not about hatred, but were just the opposite. Were for justice, love and peace. A nation hidden by myths There are many misconceptions about the Nation. But the truth is that the Nation of Islam is a nation striving to be in accordance with Gods will. We want unity with Christians all over the world, Muslims, Jews so humanity can be lifted out of its current wretched condition. Some people just know us as the Farrakhan-following, bow tie-wearing, bean pie-eating and Final Call selling people who roam America. But is that all you know? The Nation of Islam has provided for so many people the pathway that they were looking for you can head over to one of Muhammads Mosques and hear a testimony for yourself! Its important to me that you know this because all the Nation (including myself) wants is to see all of humanity -regardless of their color - free. We want people to be free physically and mentally. Arent you tired of seeing multiple police cars in our communities? Arent you tired of riding by Liberty City and seeing a man walking with a blunt in his hand or a woman walking around half naked. Lets do something about it then. With all of that being said, I am formally inviting everyone to Muhammads Mosque at 5600 NW 7th Avenue in Miami. Someone is waiting to receive you, I guarantee it. By Janiah Thomas Miami Times contributor