Political Potpourri: May 23, 2012

caines | 5/24/2012, 6 a.m.

Legal minds say dont jump to any conclusions about George Zimmerman getting off just because recent photographs show he suffered cuts and bruises, allegedly during his altercation with Trayvon Martin. We know the tragic ending for Trayvon and feel little sympathy for his stalker/murderer. Meanwhile, the Z-man is racking up over $1,000 a day in online donations and already has accumulated $200,000 from an earlier PayPal account. Donors say they feel bad because he was unfairly presumed guilty by the media. Only in America! By the way, his attorney, who first said hed work pro bono, had changed his mind. Guess he wants to get paid like everyone else. How is Miamis Team Braman shaping up? Looks like the billionaire has already persuaded several people to challenge incumbents like Edmonson, Jordan and Moss three county commissioners that he says arent doing the kind of job he would like. Wonder how much it cost him? Probably just a drop in the bucket. Will voters really be fooled by the okey-doke? Theres plenty of buzzing in the wind these days surrounding County Commissioner Barbara Jordan whos up for reelection and her competition. Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson is one name that has been bandied about but shes not ready to speak on it not yet anyway. With the deadline for filing just a few weeks away, she doesnt have much time to ponder. This one could be a real cat fight. Could it be true that she is being backed by The Godfather? Say it isnt so.