Street Talk: May 23, 2012

caines | 5/24/2012, 6 a.m.

Are Black students unfairly disciplined at school?

Willie Newkirk, 70Miami, retired motivational speaker Yes, I do think that they discipline Black students more harshly and quicker than the white or Hispanic kids. Students today need adults to talk to them - to explain what it is that they are up against. Kids need to understand what type of skill sets are going to help them in the future. Weve got to make them see that they have to be willing to do what others wont do today, in order to have the things that others wont have tomorrow. Rhonda Taylor, 58 Miami, secretary Well, I dont know. My daughter goes to the Miami Arts Charter School. Shes in the band and is a pretty good student. Shes never really been in trouble at school. Really, all of the students at her school do well and the teachers are excellent. Rose Coaxum, 71 Miami Gardens, retired claims examiner From the knowledge that I have of it, I dont think that theyre unfairly disciplined. I dont think discipline is a problem at schools because I know that the teacher can only do so much and teachers often dont have the support of the parents. Elaine Daniels, 53Miami, entrepreneur I dont think Black students are unfairly disciplined. Nowadays, they let kids get away with too much. Johnny Frank Smith, 65Miami, unemployed No, I dont think thats true because kids today dont listen and they dont obey anybody. And that all stems from the fact that kids dont have the fear of God in them anymore. Gevene Dobson, 60sMiami, retired educator Actually, I think its a fair system for all races of children. The problem with the system is that the parents cant discipline their kids and that makes it harder on the teacher and ultimately for parents too.