Walking 15 miles - a day - in Barrett Keenes shoes

admin | 5/24/2012, 5:44 a.m.

In a May 14th email, the altruistic pedestrian, Barrett Keene, responded to Miami Times questions about how it feels to spend your days walking full time.What is a typical day like for you? Well, I stay with friends, or friends of friends, or friends of friends or friends. I pretty much wake up and leave when they do. They might cook breakfast (typically eggs and some meat) or I might pick up a sausage or chicken biscuit, or I might eat some dried fruits and nuts. I then try to eat a mid-morning snack (power bar or something), lunch (turkey sandwich with some spinach or I will stop and buy something). I drink a 32 oz Gatorade every two hours or so. I then eat a mid-afternoon snack (if available) and eat a pretty good-sized dinner, ideally with some meat and carbs. I usually eat whatever the family cooks or I will stop and buy a large dinner at a restaurant. And how have you decided which route you'll take through different areas? I chose the overall route to hit as many population centers as possible. Our goal is to raise as much awareness and support as possible, so we go where the people are. On a daily basis, I just use google maps on my phone. How are you feeling - physically, emotionally - right now on your trip? Well, I spent the past than 35 days alone, which was not too safe considering I had to hitchhike at the end of most days. Thankfully, I have my relationship with God, and wonderful friends and family, who consistently reach out to me! Plus, several friends are rotating throughout the next couple months serving with me and driving the support vehicle [a car that was donated to his campaign that drives near Keene while he walks]. What do you hope will be the message that your journey will provide to others? Often when people, particularly children, suffer they often have no more responsibility for their challenges than we have for the blessings in our lives. It is our opportunity to be able to serve them.We can join the [Global Orphan] Project by joining the 350,000 Mile Challenge and by donating school uniforms to fight against educational inequality, create jobs in impoverished communities and fund orphan care!