Street Talk: May 30, 2012

caines | 5/31/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Do you have health insurance? Why or why not?

Kimberly Sampson, 40Liberty City, house wife Well, my children are covered by the health insurance offered by the Department of Children and Families. I dont have any health insurance. But Im actually more worried about not having burial insurance. Without burial insurance today, you cant have a proper funeral. Mack Loud, 68Liberty City, retired Miami-Dade Transit worker Yes because it came with my retirement package from Miami-Dade Transit and I needed it. I have health problems including having high blood pressure. Nakia Bowling, 37Miami, event planner Yes because its offered through my job. But before I began working for them, I didnt have any health insurance because it was too costly. Instead I only went to the doctor for emergency care, not for preventive services. Or I would seek out low cost care providers like Planned Parenthood. Kathlene Hepburn-Okehi, 69Brownsville, health and wellness coach I have Medicare because of my age and Im so glad that I do have it because thats the only health insurance that I have. I hope Congress doesnt mess with the budget for Medicare and force them to cut services for preventive and ordinary care. Alicia Agard, 30sAtlanta, office manager Yes, I have health insurance because I have children and I need to make sure that I am healthy enough to take care of them. Plus, the children needed health insurance so I had to make sure they were covered too. Brian Brown, 34Miami Gardens, marketing consultant No, I dont have health insurance. I just founded my own company, Monsoon Marketing Consulting Group, which helps with branding, public relations and graphic design for small and medium businesses. So most of our profits are funneled right back into the business for operating expenses.