Wade and LeBron turn up the heat

admin | 5/31/2012, 5:59 a.m.

Miami Heat fans are still giddy over the fact that once again their basketball team is only a few wins away from the NBA Finals. The only thing that separates the Heat from another shot at glory of course are those feisty, veteran-laden Boston Celtics. The two teams are now battling it out in the Eastern Conference Finals. Should the Heat be successful it would confirm the kind of league-wide dominance Pat Riley envisioned when building this monstrosity of a basketball team. All of the pieces are not in place yet; there are some flaws, but the nucleus of it all, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, appears to be on the verge of something great. Since Bosh went down to injury, we we have seen the greatest one-two punch in the NBA since Shaq and Kobe teamed up. Wade and LeBron are collectively playing their best basketball since they became teammates and theyre just getting started. The final three games of the Indiana series saw Wade and LeBron outscore and outplay Indiana's entire starting five. LeBron averaged 32.7 points and 11 rebounds over that stretch while Wade averaged 33 points per game. They shot a blistering 58.2 percent from the floor. That is insane and while three games is a small sample size it was plenty good enough to serve notice to the rest of the NBA. You have been warned, if these two can keep this up, no matter the opponent, you will be at their mercy. Ultimately, history will look at James and Wade and ask, how many rings do they have? That is the standard that has been set before them. Lets not forget the ghosts they are currently chasing: Jordan and Pippen, six rings; Magic and Kareem five rings. Our guys are still going after that elusive "not one" and it is going to be some grand theater from here on end. Can they keep this remarkable pace up? Will Bosh be able to get back and assist his teammates? Should the Heat get by Boston, how will they stack up against the deep San Antonio Spurs or the NBA's other premier one-two punch of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals? They certainly appear to be headed in the right direction. Hopefully Bosh is able to rejoin them as they will need him against the powerful West. Wade and James have never been better. Hopefully that is good enough for another parade down Biscayne Boulevard. History will be watching. The Sports Brothers, Jeff Fox & Ed Freeman, can be heard daily on WMEN 640 Sports. By The Sports Brothers