How to get through the Florida ballot with ease

caines | 11/1/2012, 6 a.m.

I have been advised that it is taking some voters over an hour to vote, because of the amendments. One of my friends suggested it was a plot to keep people from the polls, because it takes so long to vote that the wait will be hours. I am not sure if it is a plot to suppress the vote, but I did take the precaution of getting an absentee ballot. After reading the ballot, I can understand why it takes a long time for people to vote. First, the Amendments are confusing and excessively complex. I was advised that most of the amendments came from special interest groups.Marc Douthit, a fellow attorney, told me that he is just voting NO to all the amendments, because special interest groups should not be allowed to amend the Florida Constitution to get their pet laws passed and put into the Constitution. I thought Marc was making it up, but when I read all of the Amendments, I took his approach and just Said NO. Some of the amendments sound good in one part and then have a zinger in another part. Even as a lawyer who is used to reading complex statutes, I found the amendments amazinglyconfusing and twisted.I wonder what person dreamed these amendments up to torture poor voters who waited in the hot sun to vote? Can you imagine a poor eighty year old who can barely stand, trying to figure out the amendments and then vote. For all of you people who need glasses to read, please remember to bring your eyeglasses. Ultimately, if the Legislature wants to pass a law dealing with any of the amendments, then they should just pass the law. We dont need to clutter up the constitution with nonsense. I also believe another way to speed up the voting process so the next person can get in and vote is to just vote Yes to retain all the Judges, particularly the Supreme Court Justices. A group of conservatives have decided that they want to control the Supreme Court. This would mean that the Supreme Court instead of being an independent branch of government would be under the control of conservative groups with a lot of money. It is rather scary. The Republican Party of Florida has adopted this platform, which is even scarier. While many people dont think much of lawyers, every lawyer I know is against the politicalization of the Supreme Court. Even lawyers know the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary that is not dominated by politics. See, while lawyers may be considered just a higher life form than pond scum, we are a higher life form than whoever dreamed up the amendments and the plan to politicize the Supreme Court. By Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.,Miami Times columnist, rjc@clynelegal.com