People: October 31, 2012

caines | 11/1/2012, 6 a.m.

Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Alberto M Carvahlo saluted 14 graduates from Dade County schools. Among those 14, was our former governor and senator, Bob Graham; Dorothy Jenkins-Fields, founder of The Black Archives History and Research, Inc; Aviator Barrington Irving, youngest Black person to fly solo around the world; Andre Dawson, major league baseball Hall of Fame and Winston Scott, astronaut (space shuttle Endevour, Columbia). These honorees were awarded beautiful medallions. Their most influential and inspiring teachers were also honored: Lamar Louise Curry, the late Marian Shannon, Georgiana J. Bethel, William Bill Ledue, Ms. Johnnie Baptiste and Alice Daniels. A big thank you to the superintendent and our school board members. The brothers of the Beta-Beta-Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. are very excited about their 75th Diamond Anniversary of the chapter (1937-2012). The Gala will be held at the Doral, Nov.10th. Brother Eldrige-Anderson is president of the renowned chapter and Brother Greg Gay is chairman of the anniversary committee. Congratulations gentlemen. On Friday, Nov. 2nd, the Summer Season of Saint Agnes is sponsoring a Bahamian Dance/Seafood Fest from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. All kinds of Bahamian dishes will be on sale, come and enjoy the fun. Get well wishes and prayers to all sick and shut-ins: Thomas Nottage, Clarance Cleare, Prince Gordon, Lottie Major-Browne, Donzaleigh Lea McKinney, Franklin Lewis, Shirley Bailey, Naomi A. Adams, Gloria Bannister, Earnestine Ross-Collins and Edythe Jenkins-Coverson. The Saint Theresa Chapter of the Episcopal Churchs Lona Brown Mathis, chairwoman and president presented their annual Beacon Award last Sunday. Saint Theresa Chapter honored the following: Gail Stirrup, Mary Hilton, Thomas Nottage and Dwight Jackson. Congratulations to all of you. Returning home to witness their grandfather, Thomas Nottage receive his honors as the third longest serving member of Episcopal were: Tamela Layton, Tangela Nottage-Floyd, Tamera Layton, Ayshah Floyd and Isiah Floyd. You are cordially invited to join the board of directors and the advisory board for their 30th Annual Unity Dinner as they honor: Mrs. Helene Dubbin; Honorable Audrey Edmonson; and Fredericka Smith-Wilson, founder of 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project.