Street Talk, October 31, 2012

caines | 11/1/2012, 6 a.m.

Why dont more Blacks vote?

Lorraine Wright, 26Student Coordinator, Midtown Blacks are unaware of the impact of not voting. They choose not to care and act as if they dont know someones political agenda. Theres no reason not to be informed. Information is all around you. Kristin Dillard, 30Student, Miami Gardens Some of them are scared. Most of them cant vote because of obstacles like imprisonment, citizenship or just straight-up fear. Jonathan Edwards, 26Student, Miami Gardens They dont want to vote anymore, because its pointless. On one hand, theyre scared of the results of the election. And on the other hand, they feel as if as they are going to end up harmed no matter what. Marvelous Fils-Aime, 21Student, North Miami Beach Lack of interest in politics. Like, I may sit there and watch the news or the debate, but its not a heavy topic for me. Tonie Cooney, 55Office Manager, Downtown Honestly, I dont think we believe in it anymore. I mean, weve seen the scandal before Bush was elected and how he still won Florida, so we dont think our votes will count. We just dont believe voting will make a difference. Reggie Dooly, 19Student, Hialeah Theyre afraid to. And they have no influence to vote, they assume the election will get turned over anyway and that the other guy will win. No matter what.