Street Talk: November 7, 2012

caines | 11/8/2012, 5 a.m.

Are Black businesses profiting from the rise of affordable housing?

Joy Guyton, 30Substitute Teacher, Liberty City Yeah, I think with the housing projects being in Black areas, those who live there could walk to local businesses, like barbershops, grocery stores and phone companies. With gas the way it is, people would rather walk than drive anyway. Johnny Ray Smith Jr., 45Business Owner, Overtown No they dont. Black people in the area dont have jobs. They need some sort of stimulus, so they could have a disposable income to profit those businesses. Charlene Chavious, 48Disabled, Brownsville I would say yes; it would be the Black businesses in the area that are profiting from those living in the housing projects. Randell Perry, 50Minister, Miami Shores I dont really think so. I dont think we get as many contracts as other minorities. When it comes to us they lift the bar higher and give us a hard time. Desmond Mean, 45Student, Hialeah Not at the level they should be. We need more Black businesses at the bargaining table instead of at the scrap table. Mary Johnson, 74Retired, North Miami I dont believe so. Perhaps the surrounding businesses are profiting but Black construction companies arent getting their fair share of the work.