Artist of substance: Terrence Francois

caines | 11/15/2012, 5 a.m.

For local artist, Terrence Francois, art is an intimate visual conversation that anyone can be apart of. To me art is a form of expression, like alanguage, Francois said. And what's so dope about art is that it can visually speak out to any pair of eyes or ears, and have a conversation. The self-taught artist created a few exclusive fashion illustrations for The Miami Times. The artist describes his artwork as symbolic. When painting, I try to use the smoothest texture canvases for smoother results, Francois said. My mediums are acrylic, water colors and mix media. For my illustrations, theytypicallycapture a beauty. Francois went on to explain that he hopes that his fashion illustrations of women of color would be viewed as inspiring, chic and stylish more than anything. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com