Florida becomes the nations laughing stock

caines | 11/15/2012, 5 a.m.

The national comedians are saying that the golden girls could have counted the ballots faster than Florida voting officials. Some comedians are suggesting that Florida should get their ballots in September so they will be finished on Election Day. Four days after the President had been declared the winner of the 2012 presidential election Florida was finally finished counting their ballots. Other comedians are asking questions such as, did the state of Florida go to sleep and forget that they were counting ballots, or maybe the officials got hungry and took too many meal breaks. Nevertheless, Florida has made the national news everyone is talking about the inability for Florida to make a prediction on which candidate will probably win. President Obama won the state by 74,000 votes in the final tally and the Romney camp conceded Florida on Thursday. It is very embarrassing to the state and the country when Florida is confused with their voting system, and they cant seem to get it right. Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford told a Tallahassee radio host that the Legislature will be looking at the causes of the mess, and that he and his fellow lawmakers might be responsible. The governor has also said there will be an investigation, and it appears to me that the blame game is starting up. Some of the voting officials are saying that there was an unprecedented heavy turnout, and the ballot was extremely long. Others say there were more time-consuming provisional and absentee ballots, which required more time and scrutiny by elections officials before they can be counted. In 2008, there were 8.2 million votes counted and in 2012, 8.6 million votes were counted. There was only an increase of 400,000 votes this election cycle so the problem with this election must start with the governor, his administration and the legislature. Governor Scott is notorious for cutting funding and my guess is that he cut help and expected things to run smoothly. I wonder if the state will get a credible investigation, when the team leading the investigation is picked by the governor. It is hard to expose a problem or the truth, when you are connected to the administration that created the problem. This problem will probably be swept under the rug because the governor saved money and he thinks he did his job. But when the governor decides that he does not need as many people, the process turns into a fiasco and its takes extra days to get the job done. Maybe our governor needs to listen to Bill Clinton and the president and spend some time mastering basic arithmetic. Roger Caldwell is the CEO of On Point Media Group in Orlando.