Street Talk: November 14, 2012

caines | 11/15/2012, 5 a.m.

Who should be blamed for the Florida voting fiasco?

Margaret Mazyck, 52Executive director, North Miami The governor number one. Also, Dade County approved those absentee ballots to be brought in the day of elections, there should be a deadline. They were for people who were absent, not in their local area or country, but now they allow everyone to fill them out. Franklin Samuel, 65Retired, Bay Harbor Gov. Rick Scott, he was the one who reduced the early voting down to eight days. Joseph Colonel Jr., 60Retired, Overtown A lot of people, not just one person. Once you blame one side, you realize the other side has something to cover up themselves. Glenn Edwards, 56Retired, West Little River Rick Scott; he shortened the early voting days. If the days stayed the way they were, I dont think the lines would have been that long. Eric Rahming, 40Disabled, Liberty City The other side tried to prevent us from doing what we had to do to get Obama in office. And that resulted in a long counting process. So I would say it was the democrats opposers who should be blamed. Lucious Taylor, 57Chef, West Little River I blame the up-top management who hired those to work in this years election. Some people try to do things crooked, and when you do that it takes longer. But God has control over it all.