Focus of Thanksgiving should be service to others

caines | 11/22/2012, 5 a.m.

It may be difficult to believe but the beginning of four weeks of holiday madness is once again upon us. People have already started preparing delectable treats for Thanksgiving the first special day in this holiday season while others are locking in flights or readying their cars for cross country junkets. But if you listen to the news or read the paper, the message that continues to be shouted from the rooftops is get ready to shop take advantage of the special sales. So if you are one that actually believes the hype, Thanksgiving is not about spending a day remembering the blessings in your life. Its actually about getting a good nights sleep so you can hit the malls on Black Friday, spending money that many of us can ill-afford to squander. Somewhere along the way, many Americans have lost sight of what this once-a-year celebration is all about. Perhaps we need to revisit the myth on which the holiday is based. That special meal shared between two different cultures after an unimaginably harsh winter. It was about working together and sharing ones blessings with others. Thats the real meaning of Thanksgiving helping others through difficult times without expecting anything in return. What will you do this Thanksgiving? Will you stuff yourself with turkey, cranberries and casseroles, make a mad dash for the nearest mall or will you reach out to someone in need and give from the heart? The choice is yours.