J.August Richards talks about acting, moving forward and The Hypnotist

caines | 11/22/2012, 5 a.m.

In a culture of reality stars, social celebrities and over-night sensations that exit as quickly as they appear, J. August Richards exists as a rare and intriguing talent who has yet to show the world what he has to offer. His latest project, The Hypnotist, provides a sneak peek into what the future has in store for the actor and it serves as proof that Richards talent is not confined to acting. Supernatural appeal The actor acquired mainstream popularity for his role in the occult TV series hit, Angel. However, before he played the memorable role of Charles Gunn [Angel] the actor already possessed the ingredients needed to achieve a successful acting career. Unlike the standard accidental emergence into fame, Richards story lends its hand more to the pursuit of ones passion and hard work. As a graduate from the University of Southern California, Richards majored in theater. There was no other option for the actor, according to Richards. Through the years the passion remains the same. Its who I am, Richards said. I cant do anything else because I wouldnt be happy. Moving forward The Hypnotist is a multi-media episodic series written and directed by Richards. The series stars Lisa Gay Hamilton, of The Practice, Beloved and Men of a Certain Age. Hamilton plays the title role and is described as a mysterious woman living in Los Angeles who has perfected the art of African hypnosis. The actress does provide an unforgettable mesmerizing performance. More information can be found on the series official Facebook page: The Hypnotist.

Words of advice

Fueled by his passion, Richards advices aspiring actors not to pursue acting if fame is the sole interest. Dont do it unless you have to, Richards said. If you want to be famous you have a lot of spiritual work that you have to do. Richards placed a lot of emphasis on future actors knowing what their voice would be in the acting profession and understanding what message they are delivering with each role. Richards shared what he hopes to achieve with every role and with every contribution to the arts. As a person of color, I think it is our responsibility to elevate humanity, Richards said. I believe you can do that through the arts. By Julia Samuels jsamuels@miamitimesonline.com