The domino effect of murder in the hod

caines | 11/22/2012, 5 a.m.

Its been about one month since the popular Miami rapper Bizzle, born Robert Labranche, was shot and killed outside of a Liberty City car wash on 54th Street and NW 7th Court. Luckily his two children who were with him at the time of the ambush were uninjured and apparently were not forced to watch the cold-blooded murder of their father. Since then, the police have issued an arrest warrant for Craig Mitchell whom they believe is the man responsible for Labranches death. Sadly, like so many other murders in our community, Labranches unexpected death leaves a void that may be impossible to fill. The car wash that was the scene of the crime remains quiet and unattended. The once thriving business that employed a hardworking group of young Black men appears to be closed indefinitely. Prior to Labranches murder there, one could pass Tint City, the name of the car wash and detailing business, and see customers waiting patiently, talking about politics, music and of course, The Miami Heat. Now, only a makeshift shrine remains to mark the spot where the rapper met his demise. Sometimes its easy to forget that when a person suddenly dies, there are many pieces of his or her life that are instantly shattered. These pieces, or more correctly, these relationships or connections, are sometimes destroyed forever. Every life matters whether one may have been viewed as a liability, or as in Labranches case, as an asset to their community. It is our hope that those with information about his death will come forward and assist the police in their investigation. We offer our prayers to the children of Labranche as well as to the rest of his family and friends. It is clear that this young man was making a difference in the Black community and will be missed. When murderers strike we all suffer.