Chatter That Matters: November 28, 2012

caines | 11/29/2012, 5 a.m.

Last Friday, November 16, at the Lemon City Cemetery (Carver Village). Ms. Maud Newbold had the honor of presiding over the program by welcoming the people to the service and encouraging them to join in singing, It is Well With My Soul, followed by Rev. Jesse Martin, chaplain, who gave the invocation. In attendance: Mayor Thomas Regalado, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, Adriana Nelson, the Honorable Consul General of the Bahamas, Matthew Greer followed by Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, who facilitated the project. The Rev. Dr. Errol A. Harvey of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation was the officiant for the re-interment service including everything from the anthems to the benediction, followed by the unveiling of the historical marker, and the congregation singing When Ive Gone the Last Mile of The Way. Then Dr. Pinkney stated her gratitude for the attendees: We thank the Biscayne Corporation for agreeing to turn the Lemon City Cemetery into a Memorial Garden dedicated to those pioneer souls, that buried therein. Further, we thank Audrey Edmonson, Mayor Regalado, the Dade Heritage Trust, Thomas Malkov, Esq., The Miami Times, Charlayne Thompkins, Dr. Richard Strachan, Dr. Ryan Wheeler, Jeff Ranson, Larry Wiggins, Luis Gonzalez, Patricia Gross, SF Times, Stanley Johnson, Esq., Tereseta DeVeaux, The Black Archives, Channels 4, 6, 7 and 10, YMCA, Antolin Garcia, Leome Culmer, Ralph Johnson, Rene Harris, Penny Lambeth, Rev. Jesse and Marie Martin, T. L. Riggs, Physician Access, Kenneth Curtis, The Tree of Knowledge Men, Church of the Open Door (UC of C), Isabella Rosete, Bishop Noward E.C. Dean, Cecilia Stewart, Angela Culmer, Bishop Arthur Wilson, Sure Foundation CGIP and all other sponsors, especially Range Funeral Home. A special salute goes out to Willie Warren, president, Booker T. Washington Alumni Athlete Club, Officers, Edward Sarge Young and Roberta Daniels, president, BTW Alumni Association, for providing the community with those that were recognized as Hall of Famers: Roerick Monk Silva, 31-35; Percy Oliver, 46-48; Judge Calvin Mapp, 40-41; Thomas Nick Marshall; Charles Stringer, 54-58; Ralph Burns, 55-57; Gus Marshall, 59-61; Jesse Holt, 59-61; Jack Wadley, 61-63; Irvin Baulkman, 60-65; Chris Ingraham, 31-32; Vernika S. Silva, 33-36; Nathaniel Strachan, 47-49; Hernando Brown, 44-47; Arthur Tug Coverson, 40-41; Eugene White, 54-56; John Glover, 58-60; Jabo Johnson, 60-61; George Buchanan, 60-61; Larry Little, 61-63, John Napier, 63-65; W. J. Warren, 62-65; Edward Kimball, 33-35; Ralph Colt, 32-33; Stanley Strachan, 31-32; Arthur Truitt, Jr.,49-52; Leroy Cromatie, 41-43; Nathaniel Traz Powell, 42-43; Charlie Herout, 43-46; Sylvester Gee Boy Smith, 45-46; Charles Mobley, 46-49; Herbert Watts, 47-49; N. Carr, 47-49 and George Williams, 59-61; Lee Roker, 31-34 and Bernard Booker Ingraham. 2012 Inductees are Willie J. Barney, 61; Andrew B. Clear, 62; Roosevelt Cooper; Richard Demerit,67; Tim Harris, Jr., 2004; Gladys Hudson,68; Charles Johnson,68; Coach Earnest Perkins, 66; Rose A. Perpall, 59 and Anthony D. Thompson,66.