Street Talk: November 28, 2012

caines | 11/29/2012, 5 a.m.

Should the FAMU Marching 100 be allowed to perform again?

Carolyn Fulger, 50Substitute teacher, Liberty City Of course. Weve had the FAMU Marching band for years and years. Them marching is like a tradition. The entire school shouldnt be punished for whats going on now. Tommy McKever, 73Retired, Liberty City Yes because I grew up with them. Cecil Claire, 51Substance abuse counselor, Miami Gardens Yes, but they need to get the bad seed out of the line up and start from there. Adam Valdes, 21,College student, Miami Gardens Yes, because it wasnt the entire band who did the crime. They have done more good than bad and you have to think about the good things they have done. Jerrine Chatman, 65Retired teacher, Liberty City Yes, they should be able to perform again but the hazing thing got out of hand. Frederick Smalls, 47Service technician, Liberty City Yes. But they should learn from [the hazing incident], never let it happen again and continue on.