No one hopes for food stamps no matter what their color

caines | 10/4/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Mitt Romney may believe its okay to discount 47 percent of the voting community because they pay little or no taxes, but we know that his position is just plain wrong. Such a view tends to hold fast to stereotypes about people who are battling chronic unemployment, long-term layoffs, defaults on their mortgage payments or unable to even purchase groceries for themselves and their families. But as we continue to assert, things like hunger, poverty and unemployment do not have color they are part and parcel of the lives of people from every ethnic group. To be clear, no one wants to be in the position that forces them to need food stamps. But thats the reality of life for some 651,613 people in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties 30,000 more than just one year ago. Add to that figure the 11,568 recipients who have been awarded funds from TANF to handle short term but dire emergencies and one can readily see how dire things are for a growing number of families. When you add up the numbers for South Florida its almost staggering. In the past 26 months, the number of Floridians on food stamps has almost doubled. The question to pose is why are more people needing to apply for food stamps if indeed the unemployment rate is dropping. Sometimes statistics can me manipulated somethings theyre just plain wrong. Whats not in error is that there are long lines of people who are in need of food at soup kitchens, at food pantries and at our churches throughout the Black community. A spokesperson for the Department of Children and Family says he is confident that the food stamp numbers will level off soon and begin to decrease. We wonder what he advises folks to do in the mean time. Maybe they should send a note to Romney or even Governor Rick Scott. Both will tell you that things are looking better and that the future is bright. Hmmn. It really all depends on your perspective and your bank account.