Black beauty make-up myths debunked

admin | 10/11/2012, 7:34 a.m.

New MAC make-up line revisits classic looks Contrary to popular belief, no color is off limits to people of color when it comes to make-up. The days of accepting that a certain lipstick color or eye shadow is not ideal for certain complexions are phantoms of the past. According to the senior artist of the MAC Pro Team Fatima Thomas, its all about finding the right shade with right undertones to compliment you. Once that is achieved any color is possible. Nothing is off limits for any ethnic group. Thomas offered a handful of valuable make-up tips that amateurs and make-up professionals alike could you use, while giving a presentation at Aventura Mall in honor of the make-up companys new Marilyn Monroe line. The line is a celebration of the reemergence of classic beauty. Winged out eyeliner, rich ruby red lips, flesh toned lipstick, silvers and pale beiges have made a triumphant return with todays consumers and all are key fixtures in the new Marilyn Monroe line. The look can work for anyone, according to Thomas, despite preconceived notions about certain looks being off limits. The Myths:Smokey eyes do not look good on Black people Thomas offered the attentive crowd some advice on the smokey eye mystery. When you go for a smokey eye the go to color is black. I use any color except black. It allows to do more with the shading, Thomas said. I use colors like grey, and even browns to achieve that look, but never black Not all Black people can wear red lipstick There was a time when there was really only one color that was out and everyone had to wear that same color, Thomas said. That color was red. So dont believe the nonsense that says you cant wear the color red. Finding the perfect red for your lips is all about undertones. There are some reds that have a yellow or orange undertone and then there are others with a blue undertone, Thomas said. According to the seasoned artist, trial and error is still the most effective approach. But there is no color that should be considered off limits, especially for a historical staple in beauty like the color red. The return of classic beauty While the Marilyn Monroe look may be an old classic, it is new to the younger generation and with every timeless beauty trend, there is room to take the trend and make it your own. Ju'lia Samuels jsamuels@miamitimesonline.com