Chatter That Matters: October 10, 2012

caines | 10/11/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Dr. Enid C. Pinkney of the Historical Hampton House Trust and her committees are commended for providing the community with the second annual fundraiser luncheon and recognition of Dr. Harry Coaxum, the general manager for McDonalds Atlanta Region; Superintendent Ronald Blocker of the Orange County School System; and Mayor John Marks of Leon County and graduate of Miami Northwestern. Accepting the request from Pinkney, D. Kevin McNeir assumed the responsibility of standing out as the EMCEE. McNeir has a unique style of making the audience relax and mix with the program with a touch of humor or sincerity. It was ironic when Mayor Carlos Giminez presented a proclamation to Mayor John Marks who was asked to come back home now. McNeir stated how he arrived on the set early to interview the honorees under the blinking eyes of Garth Reeves owner of The Miami Times. Others on the program that were called upon to entertain were Just Cynthia, author, playwright and singer; Keya J. Curtis who thrilled the audience playing her saxophone; and the incomparable Dr. Mary Hylor performing the Hampton House oldie-goldies to a standing ovation. Furthermore, the honorees left words of wisdom to the youth relative to their planning for the future and getting an education during the climb. Some of the Chatter That Matters regulars in attendance were Mabel Wilson, Winifred Beacham, Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, Margaret O. Rayford, Barbara Johnson, Tee S. Greer, Jr., Cecelia Steward, Dr. Larry Clapp, Dana Moss, Charlayne Thompkins, Dr. Ralph Ross, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, Rev. Jesse Martin, Bishop Noward Dean, Vice Mayor Dottie Johnson and a group of Line Dancers that found space on the floor to really get down. Congratulations go out to Norma Mims, founder of the Orita Program that has been established for 11 years and to the teenage Pilgrims selected to follow the script prepared by the late Nettie Dove and guidance by Jean Henry, Iva Major, Isaiah Taylor (deceased), David Roddy and Rev. Jimmie L. Williams III, Pastor. The Pilgrims for 2012 include Devon Ahmad Daniels, Lamar Kordeli Hudson, Lawrence Lamar Mims, Deyonne Daniels, and Keith Lenard Thomas Jr. There were Closing remarks delivered by Norma Mims, a recessional to This Little Light of Mine, followed by the feasting of vegetables and fruits until closing as everyones family members critiqued the project prepared by the Pilgrims. Meanwhile Mims continued to cry over joy from her new family members. Attention supporters of Bethune Cookman University, Audley Coakley, student trustee rep. has negotiated to purchase a piece of property near the campus that will be owned by alumni. For detail info please call at 305-949-8874. You are also reminded of the gospel choir performing at Opa-locka UMC, Oct. 27th. Bring a love offering. By Dr. Richard Strachan