Purses by Lizzie benefits victims of breast cancer

caines | 10/11/2012, 6 a.m.

Rachel Larmond-Holmes shares profits to find the cure

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but so are purses and other personal effects. Rachel Larmond-Holmes capitalizes off the preceding creed with the philosophies of entrepreneurship, profit and philanthropy. Larmond-Holmes, 48, is a consultant for Beijo Inc. a 10-year-old fashion brand based in Santa Clarita, CA. The establishment markets a variety of accessories and purses that are designed in a variety of unique colors, styles and textures according to its web site. To distribute the items, the company solicits compassionate sales-professionals nationwide. Larmond-Holmes is one of those professionals she is the CEO of her own business under the affiliation. Her task is to purchase the products from Beijo Inc. and sell them for profit. I really love to sell the products, Larmond-Holmes said. At the same time, having this business on the side provides the extra income that I need in this struggling economy. Larmond-Holmes said that women purchase purses and effects based on style not just the brand or a high price. Part of her profits goes to breast cancer I have a flare for fashion," she said. "I love the styles that come along with looking good. People love my purses because they are beautiful and unique. You wont find any of my purses in any store. The CEO started her business last February and is optimistic about the dollars shell earn by years end. I am not where I want to be right now, but I am confident that I will do well, Larmond-Holmes said. One product of purses that Larmond-Holmes sells is the Pinky Promise. After a Pinky Promise purse is purchased, she donates 20 percent of the proceeds to the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. My mom passed away with cancer, she said. Cancer is out there nowadays and the Pinky Promise is a great way to make women aware of it. The Pinky Promise purse is pink and distinct with handles that are shaped like the Breast Cancer Awareness symbol. Charlesetta Lovett, a customer of Larmond-Holmes, purchased a Pinky Promise purse. I love the purse, Lovett said. Its very durable, it lasts long and its unusual. I have a sister who had breast cancer, but I purchased it for women who suffer with cancer as a whole. Larmond-Holmes advertises through her web site and word of mouth. For more information or to host a gathering at your home, call 786-515-5423, go to her website, www.pursesbylizzy.com or e-mail: holmesrachel@bellsouth.net. By Marcus Parramore

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