Street Talk: October 10, 2012

caines | 10/11/2012, 5:30 a.m.

After watching the presidential debate do you have more confidence in Obama or Romney? Why?

Roger Williams, 35Academic advisor, Miami Gardens Obama. My mind is pretty much already made up. Although Im in the Green Party. Karen Nagy, 55Music professor, Broward County I dont have confidence in either one. However, I have hope that Obama will continue the job he has done, he was just thrown off by Romney questions from the debate. Trenese Carey-McCloud, 46Student Success Coordinator, Liberty City I have great confidence in Obama. Many people think he should have attacked Romney, but I have faith that hell win. Hebert Vassell, 46Tile installer, West Palm Beach Obama still. I saw the path he is going and hes building up momentum. Hes gradually getting to where he wants to go. It takes time. Warren Blair, 40Full-time student, Coconut Grove The president was in a bad situation, he was given a wrecked ship that he had to fix. I think hes doing a superb job for the country. Its just going to take more time. Ron Coffin, 53Lab manager, Ft. Lauderdale I have confidence in Obama, Romney has flip-flopped too much and is often caught lying.