Alwayz Lady Like rewards young members community service

caines | 10/18/2012, 7 a.m.

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Non-profit organization encourages young girls to serve with confidence

In a make-up lounge in Miami, the young members of Alwayz Lady Like Inc. slowly fall into Hot Looks Make-Up Lounge, at 19327 NW 2nd Ave. in Miami Gardens. The young girls immediately notice the nail technicians tucked away in the corner waiting to do their nails and the make-up artists standing in front of empty chairs that will soon seat them. The entire lounge appears to be filled with gift bags intended for the girls from numerous sponsors. Every person in the room has a vested interest in the young girls who are members of Alwayz Lady Like Inc. Prominent celebrity hairstylist Schacle Powell waits at her station for one of the girls to be seated. As everyone anxiously snaps pictures of the posh atmosphere, Powell discusses how much initiative the young members of the organization possess. It was actually one of the girls who reached out to me to come here, Powell said. I think they follow me on Instagram, the hairstylist said and laughed. The young girls enjoyed a day of pampering while snacking finger foods and fruit. The event was intended to reward the girls for their community service and to encourage them as well, Founder and CEO of Alwayz Lady Like Inc Eboney Johnson said. I really wanted to do something special for them and pamper them to keep them encouraged about doing what they are doing. Lipstick and inspiration Although the day was intended to pamper the young girls, there was room to educate the young girls, as well. Miami native and self-made millionaire Keyshia Kaoir came out to speak to the young girls about entrepreneurship and self worth. The actress, model and stylist spoke to the young girls with an authoritative and honest voice. She spoke from personal experience of being a video model who crossed over into the corporate world with her cosmetic line Kaoir Cosmetics. The line is known for its signature blue lipstick and has quickly blossomed into an extensive line of signature one-of-kind colors and has grossed more than one million dollars in sales. Kaoir said that the main message that she wanted the young girls to take away from her conversation was to develop self-confidence. The businesswoman said that she wanted the girls to be confident and push their own dreams no matter what. No one helps you, Kaoir said. Dont get discouraged when they dont help you. They dont owe you anything, she said. Kaoir encouraged all the girls to chase their dreams on their own and to not wait for anyones help. She shared how people doubted her dreams and even her ability to cross over into the corporate world. But now I am signing the checks for some of the biggest celebrities, Kaoir said. The goal for the entire day was to empower her young members, according to Johnson. I try to expose them to people and examples of the lifestyles that hard work and success brings, Johnson said. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com